I was finally diagnosed with ADHD Inattentive Type a few weeks ago. I was prescribed a non-stimulant medication. How do I know it's working? I know changes are subtle.


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  • IAmTired247


    Focus on the things around you a lot more. You in school? Check grades and see if the go up or down. Check to see if your place of living is cleaner/more organized than usual. See if you can remember where items are if your ADHD affects the memory. For me, I check to see my grades, how clean/organized I am, if people tell me "You're more focused than usual" or something along those lines. It's basically focus on the things you know could possibly change now that you are on your meds. Be patient as it doesn't happen in a couple weeks, it took me about a month to see any changes happening.

  • Jade1


    Thanks for this. I'm actually in my 30s and started a new job. It's going to be a slow process with the medication. I don't think I'll notice anything until I'm much busier at work. I do hope that I'll be cleaner and neater. 😁

  • IAmTired247


    Yeah, focus on the work, if it seems you are staying on task, it's working, if not maybe ask for new ones after trying it for maybe three months. And my meds made me cleaner and very organized than I normally am. There still might be a "mess" but it should be maybe 5-10 percent smaller than it normally is. Hope your meds work out for ya 🤗

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