Hi! I just joined but I wanted to ask how do you guys deal with your verbal Stims in public?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • GroundZero29


    If I’m at work, I can usually pass off my vocal stims as trying to think, like how people hum when they’re thinking, one of my vocal stims is a weird noise Zoidburg makes in Futurama and that just makes it sound like I almost dropped something or ran into someone 👍🏼 on top of it all, I still wear a mask so I don’t think many of my coworkers realize it’s coming from me most of the time

    • Blackmagicmage


      I picked up a few from a couple of animes but most of them are whistling, chirping and head jerks. I get looks while I'm in grocery stores

  • Masscrystal


    Do it under my breath or mask it or escape into a bathroom and do it alone in there

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