How do I exercise while having MS. I wish I was stronger I can barely sit up in the bed!😥

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

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  • Oscar_F


    Wachen i started Physical Therapy, they showed me a bunch of things to do when laying down or when one can walk a bit. Laying down, they showed me to lift weights in bed. For the walking, just take walks at parks with someone. That’s what I’ve done

  • Quigley


    I'm with you brother I'm 39 almost bedridden can't exercise at all but look up back shockers on ebay it's a thing that has leads on it that you can put anywhere on your body and it'll shock you and stimulate the muscle just like working out it's kind of cool if you put it on a paralyzed leg or paralyzed arm and then turn it on and that muscle will move in your paralyzed hand will move or paralyzed leg will move not how you want it to but still also one pain of lessons another for me I get tattooed and then I don't concentrate on what my body is doing I concentrate on the tattoo I'm up to 86 doctors think I'm a criminal lmao

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