I can't vent on my Facebook because I'd get in trouble for bashing my work place but I'm straight done with their shit today.
so I do all the bulk spices, beans, seeds, nuts and baking essentials at my local family owned grocery store. it's not glamorous but I love managing my displays and I also make the gift baskets so I get some good money for the holidays... but my one problem is I'm allergic to tree nuts, almonds are fine as long as I don't eat any and pecans I can wear gloves and work quickly and I don't usually get any reactions unless I'm working with the meals, Walnuts have always come in bags so i dont have to handle them. But for some reason we got a whole pallet full of bulk shelled walnuts and my GM can't get it through his head that I cannot pack them because I don't feel like testing how bad my walnut allergy has gotten especially since I have no insurance or an epi pen. I'm wholeheartedly ready to cause a scene over this if the owner gives me any shit about it cause I shouldn't have to logicize with these grown ass men that my personal safety is more important to me than this dumbass job 🙄

Anaphylactic reaction due to tree nuts and seeds

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