Anyone else have high cholesterol but low blood pressure? I got put on a low dose statin yesterday and my BP at the appointment was 104/60, I'm a little worried it could further lower my BP, but my cardiologists office said it shouldn't affect it. Has taking a statin lowered your blood pressure? What side effects did you have when starting a statin? And did the side effects lessen or go away?

Familial Hypercholesterolemia (FH)

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  • Pinklolita


    Hello I was put on a low dose of a statin and I could not stand the muscle pain or the fact my blood pressure went down, I was really going through it, so I stopped changed my diet completely and started taking a couple supplements and my cholesterol is under control and those statins are gone. I sympathize with you. The side effects didn't go away until I stopped taking them.

    • MAZ


      what diet did you follow?

  • Zellie


    I also have high cholesterol and low BP.

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