Normal resting heart rate is 110-120BPM
currently having a BPD/anxiety episode, BPM is 135, if anyone knows how to help me, please tell me.

Chronic Tachycardia

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  • lunamortua


    Try ice on the chest, or dipping your face in a bowl of water

    • DoodleBug18


      does that really work? Does it stop an episode?

  • jozimm74


    I go to my bathroom and shut the door so it's dark and then use a sound app set to sound like water. 5 minutes later my stats are as close to "normal " as I ever am.

  • AlexisTheCat


    Lay down in a dim lit area... close your eyes and breath in 5 seconds... hold 2 seconds... breath out 5 seconds and repeat... that's what I do.... sometimes though it doesn't cut it...

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