Have you found any good tips or something that has helped you manage crohn's symptoms? Like changed eating habits, supplements/vitamins, probiotics etc.


Chronic Generalized pain

Crohn's Disease (IBD) Inflammatory Bowel Disease


Mesalamine • Type: Oral

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  • Popsman


    I’ve found that avoiding dairy and fizzy drinks helps a lot! also heat relieves the pain so a hot water bottle is a lifesaver

    • PandaParty


      Thanks I'll have to try the hot water bottle remedy. I've been avoiding dairy, carbonated drinks and spicy food so far. Thanks for sharing!

  • Swift_


    Omega 3 supplement, prebio phgg invivo supplement, glutamine supplement and introduce chicken bone broth occasionally

  • bboyonline


    when i was in hospital during a bad flare, pain management gave me these peppermint tablets that really helped. i would maybe try out peppermint tea or oil supplements. a hot water bottle is always helpful, but i gave myself a huge burn on my tummy from prolonged use even with a cover and on top of clothes - so always be careful! coke specifically would always make my pain flare up and i also avoid coffee hope this helps - han

  • Phil001


    Avoid wheat, especially brown breads, avoid dairy, eat organic where possible. Avoid processed and ready meals. Avoid tomatoes, potatoes and especially chillies. Fast once a month if you can, go on a juicing diet when things get bad, or bone broth which is very good. Absolutely avoid any foods that use glyphosate in its production (aka Roundup weekiller).

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