how do i calm myself down in a situation where i might be claustrophobic? i have to ride in the back seat of a car with my 3 siblings for 5 hours because we're on a roadtrip

Chronic Neurotic Disorders

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  • GlamRockStar


    Someone else recommended this to me; try box breathing. You basically just inhale, hold for 3-4 seconds, exhale, hold for 3-4 seconds and repeat. It’s actually helped me and I hope it helps you too

  • Fake


    It sounds silly and it’s not realistic for 5 hours straight but when I had an MRI I just closed my eyes really tight and imagined I wasn’t in such a small box lmao

  • Bun


    looking out the window and focusing on the outside of the car helps me

  • bugaboob


    the MRI thing, yes !! when i had one they asked if i'd like a towel over my eyes so i can't see the tight space i'm in and it really helps. you could get a sleep mask to wear over your eyes and just put some headphones in. do it as long as you can and maybe even fall asleep the whole time

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