does anyone else have problems with impulsive lying? I was just talking to this person and I lied so much and I feel so guilty. but it just comes out. do any of you guys have this issue? how do I stop this?

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  • StopTacoHate


    I sometimes do sadly. It is hard to stop because it times we dont realize we are about to lie or have lied till after it has been done. I would say try slowing your talking down that way you have time to process what youre about to say.

  • KitKat1450


    Ask yourself what are you trying to hide and what are you afraid of? And then worst case scenario, what would happen or how would you feel if this person saw thru you and what you are trying to hide? What do you gain from lying? And then where can you get that in a less destructive way? And if you’re scared, find someone that won’t be scared by the real you… easier said than done but the only people I’m truly honest with are my best friends that are really dark and understand and love me at my worst and at my best. Knowing that it helps me to be more honest with others because I know they won’t abandon me if they see the real me and if they do, I’ll be ok because God’s got me. Constant battle to be yourself in this world and it’ll suck and you’ll feel vulnerable and weak until you get better and stronger and it “feels”easier, but it won’t ever be easy. But you will know you did your damn best and allow yourself to live and others to love you and allow that love in to heal you. The way I think about it is it’s either that or hide yourself away forever or destroy relationships and yourself create more pain and chaos and distance yourself from healing and then what’s the point. One leads to life the other to death, both take effort so if you’re going to put in effort anyways might as well be for something worth living for. Both have their consequences. Choose your pain and struggle… they way you live your life effects yourself and others and is a big deal.

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