Hey, what are your pseudoseizures like? And how many times a month do you get them?

Psychogenic non epileptic seizure

Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome (CVS)


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  • Sadako


    Staring in space sometimes, full body, sometimes just a single body part. I occasionally vomit, some how they consider that even pseudo because its easier then trying to find actually diagnosis. Sometimes I collapse on myself. Being confused, or anxious after. If I'm lucky maybe 6 times a month.

  • lesliekins


    When mine first started I had confusion and full body convulsions. I was so scared. When the doctors ruled out epilepsy, my psychiatrist started me on diazepam which helps but I still get constant gnawing feelings like certain parts of my body want to convulse but I'm more in control of it now. Occasionally I will get a convulsion or two these days with my legs or arms but not often.

  • Kashmair


    Mostly 3 to 4 times a week it's rare when it's less

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