Hello everyone, I am one who suffers with Lower Limb Peripheral Neuropathy. I've had it since March 3, 2021. Within the short time I've had this awful, incurable condition, I have progressed from no walking issues to now having to use a walker to get around or walking longer distances. I cannot believe how fast it can progress and how painful it's been.
I've had great, low pain level days, but, I've also endured the worst most intolerable unbearable painful days where all I want to do is lay in my bed all day and bawl my eyes out into my hands. I've completely lost feeling in my left pinky toe now, and the electric shock pains are now shooting upward into my back. It's not fair that there's no cure for this...YET... How in the hell can someone actually call this living? I know I can't.

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  • angelaarron


    I know exactly what your saying. I feel the same way. It's not living. It completely takes over everything.

    • MrsClark37


      yes it does! ❤️❤️

  • GirlyCaptain79


    Do you take anything for pain? I have a ton of chronic pain conditions, and hydrocodone is enough to take the edge off and be able to function ❤️

    • Kathy7867


      can’t find a doc that to prescribe hydros these days!:(

  • Pearlina


    I know your pain all too well Myself. It's absolutely intolerable sometimes sometimes. On other days I can manage and a smile on my face and do a lot of things so I know that life is worth living. I am on gapapentin mixed with 2 ibuprofen Every 4 hours. That just almost 100% takes all of the pain and burning away. I see my chiropractor twice a week when I'm able to afford it and he is rest assured me That this is reversible because mine is from Pinched nerves in my neck and lower back.

  • normi


    I only have numbness in my feet, feels like I'm walking on gravel.

  • Cronic


    I actually go to pain management and was told my peripheral neuropathy is not there problem Thank god I get pain meds for my back

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