Im planning on starting HRT this summer. But I'm nervous of hiding it from my parents because I don't want to get kicked out if they find out. I guess I'm just wondering if anyone has advice or had been through this already. Replies are greatly appreciated. ;o;

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  • KCFeral


    Depending on if you're taking estrogen or testosterone, that will dictate whether it will be easier to hide. Testosterone is a more potent hormone and the changes are drastic, including your voice changing within a month. Estrogen is more subtle and noticeable changes for a while would be things like having clearer/softer skin that you can pass off as having a skin care routine. Breast growth is a bit more difficult to hide, but starting buds aren't very noticeable for a while depending on your genetics unless someone is actively searching for things.

  • Ywom


    thank you, I would be staring E. And yeah I figure that it would be slightly difficult for them to notice anything at first. But since I have come out to them, I think that they might be somewhat on the lookout. And then that's also kind of the sad thing with voice. I don't think I would be able to practice at all if I am living with them.

  • IndigoBro


    Beware if u are using your parents insurance. I was outed to mine when insurance called my parents to confirm that my HRT was the correct medication being prescribed to me. This was the moment I got my prescription. I just went in to the doctor, ended up talking with my provider about gender dysphoria, and after discussion they ended up writing me a prescription. I figured since I was an adult there was no reason why any of that information would be shared with my parents. But I forgot about insurance. I was forced to have that conversation with my parents before I was ready. Maybe think about what you might do in case that did happen with you so that you won’t be as caught off guard as I was!

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