Has anyone else suffered since childhood?

Fibromyalgia (FM)

Chronic Generalized pain

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  • fibromylisa


    No not me I got it when I turned 40

  • Gracie1217


    I've been in pain with fibromyalgia-like symptoms almost my entire life. The official diagnosis finally came down when I was 22.

    • Nightglori


      Sounds familiar. I suffer from chronic inflammation also.

  • Hank


    Probably although I wasn't diagnosed until I was 28. I do remember, as a child, stepping off curbs and feeling my knee go out; and having to wait until it stabilized to continue walking.

  • Butterflygoddess


    No, but in all fairness I had an extremely abusive childhood growing up in an apocalyptic sex cult. We weren't allowed to go to the doctor and if you got hurt it was God teaching you something and you had to write all these stupid reports and whatnot. Plus doctors were pretty much a no no unless it was life and death, and even then sometimes we couldn't go. So, it's possible that I ignored it. 🙁

  • Willowdawn


    I've been dealing with fibromyalgia pain since I was 19 years old.

  • zomb13girl


    Unfortunately, yes. Since before puberty. The doctors used to tell my mom it was growing pains. Finally diagnosed at 17. Been living with it for nearly 40 years now.

    • Blinky


      AH I got told they were growing pains too. But then my height capped at 5'3 and I was like wait a minute 🤨

  • Kierstyn


    Yes since I was 14 years old

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