I just moved in to my dorm for college and I'm really struggling to see how I'm going to be able to handle being away from home and my family. I'm not really sure I like my roommate either. I haven't even started yet and I'm already thinking of dropping out. I'm worried my anxiety is going to get bad again to the point where I'm depressed. I know this is an amazing opportunity for me and I don't want to throw it away, but how will I be able to make it through this?

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  • CinderLorel


    I just finished my first week of college and honestly I’m thinking the same things. It’s so much pressure and work and I don’t know if I’m good enough, especially for the career path I’m considering

  • KenKay


    It rough in the beginning.. Be sure to attended floor meetings and events that’s probably where you will most of your friends. Also find a campus job or activity to help you get involved.. It’s definitely a huge adjustment but it is worth it.. Also be sure to contact loved at home and take a trip back home when ever you can!

  • Lunarr


    I'm a junior in college right now and I feel that way at the beginning of every semester (and briefly in the middle, but I've been told weeks 6-10 are the ~normal time~ for breakdowns which is uhhh not a great mentatlity but midterm pressure I guess, we all get through it). Once you get going and find a rhythm you might be surprised at how much these thoughts may change College is an exciting time, you're learning all this cool stuff and figuring out how to exist on your own. It can also be scary. Just know that everyone else is feeling the same way, homesickness and the fear of trying to be a functional adult are very real and difficult. You're new to this, so please give yourself some grace while you stumble around and figure it out. Be sure to call family and friends often, I like to video chat with my parents every couple weekends. And I agree with KenKay, definitely mingle with people in the res hall and try out an activity or two. It's just like moving to a new high school, you'll make new connections in time. Bonding with classmates is another great opportunity. See if your campus offers support groups or counseling services - I know my college had one last year for homesick freshman. It's normal to be nervous and unsettled by such a major life change. Give it some time, try to enjoy yourself, and know that you're not alone. Feel free to message me if you ever wanna chat and I wish you luck with your first week of classes! 😁

    • Thespian_Nerd


      I agree with you as someone who moving to my second year of college

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