any experience with dealing with schizzoaffective disorder unmedicated? if so, how successfully?

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  • DrowningQueen21


    I have . I smoke a lot of weed tbh lol

    • chrissss12


      I'm kind of scared to get really bad again but the side effects of my medications make it impossible to work.

  • AllyUnicorn


    Not currently unmedicated, I'm schizoaffective and take an abilify injection monthly. I did try quitting medication cold turkey, didn't tell anyone, in 2018. Do. Not. Recommend. I suffered my worst psychotic break with reality to date. Been on the injection ever since. I am curious to know how someone not medicated deals with symptoms of psychosis, as I don't really feel I have a non-medication method for treating that.

  • chillspoon


    I don’t have schizoaffective disorder, bipolar with psychosis. Personally I prefer being medicated then not, if I’m not medicated or run out for a short period of time I smoke as much weed as I can to the point that I’m just existing. Not a long term solution but a safe short term solution to stay afloat until you can re start again. I would say 2 days max of smoking weed til you can’t see anymore.

  • Deathfuffy


    I am currently unmediated and I am not doing very well. I was medicated for 4 years but had to get off all my meds. I forgot how much I don’t like myself or brain. My meds were doing bare minimum anyways but man I suck. I have another year until I can get back on them. But I am looking into other alternatives to cut down the amount of meds.

  • avafan2003


    honestly im gonna be real with you, im schizoaffective and i CANT survive without medications, idk how severe it is for you but for me it gets real bad and i dont recommend

  • karenR


    I was diagnosed with schizoeffective , bipolar, manic depressive, adhd... I only take 1-2pills however I smoke a lot of pot to help my anxiety disorder. Also trauma therapy is really good to go through as well. Helped me very much with coping skills. Hope you are ok.

  • kat4rereation


    Yes I've scizo-affective have residual schizophrenia and depression with mood disorder bipolar 2. I take ability striteria injections. Cogention for less side effects of medicine, Visteral and Zoloft.

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