how can I be stronger and better when I feel Tired and worn out

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • Mirage13


    It truly sucks and is hard, especially when so much of our society doesn't value or respect the differences we have to offer. Being human is experiencing an array of emotions; sometimes the kindest thing to do is let yourself be tired if even for a little bit. Easier said than done, for sure, especially when perfectionism is a mechanism for survival. I won't pretend to know your life, but I hope you can hold on to some things that bring you some relief, even if for a little while. If that's letting it all out with tears or boxing it out with a pillow or just laying in bed, have at it. -Signed a fellow tired and worn out 30 year old autistic in the mental health field

  • carrielovelylady


    This is exactly how I feel!

  • AnimalBoy


    Sometimes you just can't and you need to take time to become rested before you can get stronger. Flowers only bloom once a year, and even bears hibernate for the winter why should you be any different?

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