something that I've never been able to do, but would love to be able to do, is painting my fingernails and wearing false nails. the polish brand "mooncat" is very beautiful and i want to wear it. but when i have tried polish, it is very uncomfortable; i just feel it sitting on my nails. false nails are worse, and im okay with never mastering those. how do you get past the discomfort of nail polish/make up/etc?

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  • ren410


    Just exposure, in my experience. I forget the terminology for this, but our brains eventually ignore what is always there (like clothes for example), although it takes a little longer/more patience for us NDs. I get the funny feelings without polish or nails now, and i am able to relax and ignore my fingers when theyre done.

    • Icky


      im hoping that's what I'll be able to do if I try that brand. but i can imagine the feeling now and it makes me want to cry. im gonna try though

  • DownWithTheStinkness


    just exposure and a sensory-overload prevention plan (aka just bringing nail polish remover wherever i go)

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