Hello everyone I'm suffering spinal Stenosis badly. I am care taker for my Adult Autistic Daughter who suffered a severe Stroke that left her wheelchair bound. I'm all she has. what can be done to keep my legs from buckling under me. I spoke to my Dr about surgery, But she told me most people find relief but a year or so later they have worse pain and problems then before. I have to be there for my Daughter!! Can ya all help me?

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  • Stillcrazy


    You need a walker. If you need to you can always sit down on it plus co you must make sure that you don't fall. My doc had me get one years ago because I fell a couple times at home. She said it was because if my problem with balance.

  • Papaden


    Hi God’s Girl 🤗 I use an inversion table and a tens unit for the pain . The gym a few days a week helps . Work on quads, glutes, calves,lower back and core. There are also shoes that lessen the pressure on your spine when you walk. All the above seems to help but I still have those moments when my legs get so numb I have to stop, sit down , straighten back and lean forward. A couple of minutes of that and good to go. I’ll be 70 soon and still working as a construction supervisor with a whole lot of walking involved. I stay in prayer throughout the day as well . 😊

    • Anir


      Beautiful advice you said everything I was going to say! 🤗

  • Anir


    ❤️ 💕Your story breaks my heart. Well, may I ask if you are able to exercise like stretching or yoga?

  • emel5070


    I've had a microdiscectomy back in 2018 (L5/S1). It was wonderful. No pain afterward for years. But recently, the same pain came back but worse on the disc above the one I had surgery on (L4/L5). So this time he's going to do a laminectomy on this disc. Both surgeries were due to spinal stenosis and bulged discs compressing my sciatic nerve. This time, the sciatica is so severe that I'm bedridden until the surgery on July 8 2022. I'm having to have my 14 year old daughter wash my hair and push me around the house in an office wheelchair. Have you had any scans of your back done recently? It sounds to me like you may need to find a different doctor. Something is obviously going on if it is hard for you to stand. I also have numbing and tingling down my right leg all the way to my toes but I know it's because of the bulged disc and my stenosis. I also have degenerative disc disease and that's not helping either. If you are having any ain, tingling, numbness, or a poor quality of life in any way, you need to be checked out. There's a lot of things that it could be. It sounds like she is just putting you on the back burner. I would at least try to get an MRI done.

  • MystikMandy


    I've spoken to so many people over the years who have had various spinal surgeries for these issues. They all said they had to have more than one follow up surgery for various reasons like it not healing or the surgeries did more damage. Doctors I've spoken to (I've talked to several) say it's really hit and miss if spinal surgery is going to work and put off doing them for as long as they possibly can. Example, if you're incontinent they'll do it. The crappy thing is since no one likes to prescribe narcotics anymore they just make you sit in pain. It sucks. I'm living this nightmare now.

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