Depression kicking my butt lately. Missing my parents. Just want to eat junk.
Not good for my diabetes.


Generalized pain

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  • MaryC


    Try replacing the junk food with healthy foods. For example instead of chips try nuts or carrots. Instead of cookies try Voortman sugar free cookies. Get yourself a big salad from the grocery store. I also replace chips with cucumber slices seasoned with salt or whatever flavor you are craving. Veggie straws & rice cakes are also good. I put peanut butter on rice cakes. Try dark chocolate, at least 70% cacao. If you are craving ice cream look for the splenda logo on the container. Cream of wheat made with milk & add splenda. Sugar free popsicle. I have to stay away from fruit & fruit popsicle because it spikes my sugar. Oat milk ice cream bars. Low sugar or no sugar cereal with oat milk. Beef, turkey, venison, elk or pork jerky, we make our own, basically any ground meat with jerky cure & seasoning. That way you can control the amount of salt. You can dehydrate pretty much anything to replace potato chips. But if you are really craving chips go for baked instead of fried.

  • Ivyspeed


    It's ok.

  • Quirky4You


    Bern K. With all do respect I feel the person up above has some wonderful tips and alternatives. But your heading says depression. I too suffer from depression and anxiety. That being said the last thing I want to do or can do when I’m depressed is think creatively or outside the box. I can barely get myself out of bed at those times. I find that an empathetic ear a person with a heart is first & upmost what I need. If that’s what your looking for then I can possibly help you with that. Then slowly (I know for myself) I can incorporate the healthy eating, little by little, if I try to do it all at once it makes me even more depressed which makes me binge on all the foods I know I shouldn’t have. I am dealing with many health issues besides my mental state of mind which at the present time is swinging back and forth. My anxiety is usually on high alert and besides my health issues bringing me down (& pain) so do other factors. Hang in there. As much as you may feel alone as do I……there are people out there who are willing to be that empathetic person who will listen and can commiserate with you.

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