Other than medication how can I stop my anger outbursts when they are in full swing


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  • Discombobulatedkat


    You could try taking a step back, and either calm by taking a deep breath or find something that will release the anger. I don't get too angry anymore, because I step away and I use video games or singing angry songs. Don't punch anything other than a punching bag (with protection) and please don't hurt yourself or others (not that I think you would). I hope it helps and if my suggestions don't work. The next step would be to talk to a therapist, and tell them you need anger management. ❤️ 🤗

  • Nik10


    Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with healthy food, sleeping well, exercising regularly, and practicing meditation, reduces my anger. But if I feel angry despite all this, I practice breathing with an app. Sometimes it calms me down.

  • LoneStoner23


    Therapy could help. If you have BPD i highly recommend doing DBT therapy. For immediate relief i recommend dipping your face into cold water or even splashing cold water on your face. As cold as you can get it from the sink. Sometimes i get a big bowl, fill it with cold water AND ice, then dip my face into it for as long as i can without it being uncomfortable or anything like that. Know your limits regarding holding your breath. You can also take a cold shower. As cold as you can handle. You'll feel calm because it has an effect on your vagus nerve which slows down your heart rate. Its called the mammalian diving reflex. Its very therapeutic.

  • Sheeba


    There are antipsychotics thst can be used to control your mood. Not just mood stabilizers. But antipsychotics. Not sure which ones. Haldol is a good one. I took it and it controlled my outbursts well. However it caused headaches and sedation. I went off it and took something else.

  • SkylerBoByler


    Anger can be a part of mania. See if there's a pattern. Do you tend to get angry a lot for a period of time then you're chill for a while? Are you taking welbutrin and drinking also? That WILL mess you up. They say don't drink at all on welbutrin and they mean it. It's not like with hydrocodone where they say don't do it but it's fun as hell. Alcohol makes welbutrin stop elevating your mood while keeping the anxiety. It. Stops. Working. Drinking on welbutrin is worse than stopping and starting your meds erratically. It will fuck up your day. I had one hard cider and I almost went to crisis care the next day. I was messed up fir almost a week! It's real.

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