Today I finally got my shopping done. I got a lot of fresh fruits and veggies and preped them into freezer bags so they are quick and easy to use. I got fish, eggs, beans and nuts so i can lower my inflammationand cholesterol. I made up the lentils into freezer bags as well. I did not buy anything I shouldn't eat. i was proud and excited so I made a no sugar added blueberry pie and a cocoa mix eventhough I was in a lot of pain. Bending over to reach things at the store really caused a lot of pain in the back of my neck and shoulder. More than I mentally prepared for. The cutting of fruits and veggies have my hands and wrists aching. I am feeling imaginary spiders crawling up my legs. I not longer have covid-19 but I still can't taste anything so my pie was obviously loved by others but I didn't get to enjoy it myself. I'm feeling depressed more and more because I miss my sense of taste. is there something that will help get my taste back?

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  • Tress


    Have you tried sugar free gumthat has xyaltal? That is what helped me with my taste.

    • LadyBrownharth


      I have been chewing gum. It's cinnamon so I can feel the burn but I'm still not able to taste it. I found out I can't taste pepper. I made coconut salmon with kale and sweet potatoes. Usually a very flavor full dish with cinnamon and Thyme. But I could only taste the white pepper and lime juice. And salt. But I never lost the ability to taste salt.

      • LadyBrownharth


        I CAN taste pepper.

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