Has anyone with Crohns disease developed type 2 diabetes 😳 ?
Also.... has anyone successfully reversed their type 2 ?
Thank you in advance ☺️

Diabetes Type 2 (T2D)

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  • Kashy


    Good evening I have Type 2 Diabetes I have come to understand that it can't be reversed but well managed with diet and exercise I have know of people to come off there medications and have A1c's as low as a 4. With the understanding that if they go back to the way they were eating before there A1c's will go back up and placed back on medication

  • snuz


    I have. I went on WW ( Weight watchers) and was able to get my A1c to normal. They still call me type 2 but in remission!🤗

    • Robudy


      did you use the standard WW program or do they have a program that is geared to diabetes?

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