I haven't actually been diagnosed yet for endo.. but I'm planning to visit my doctor next week as the pain is becoming unbearable. I really don't like invasive exams/procedures.. can anyone tell me what I can expect for my first visit?

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  • Rosie_Posey


    For your first visit you will more than likely simply start by talking to your physician. There may or may not be an internal exam which can be uncomfy but is not the worst thing in the world- you are in control here and if you are uncomfortable you can tell them to stop or that you do not want that today. You will likely get a script for an ultrasound and you may have to do blood work or urine tests to rule out pregnancy and std’s

  • KatoLizbet


    Yes, my experience with endo all these years is you get an internal ultrasound (super easy, not painful) to find abnormalities like cysts, but endo cannot be fully diagnosed (as far as I’m aware, as I’ve had it so long) until you e had a small surgical procedure, day surgery, you can go home after (and you’re put out no need for worry) that finds it in the uterus or anywhere it might have spread to. Hope that helps and stay strong 🙏

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