This is strictly venting but I'm so tired of not having friends. It's only making my depression so much worse. I feel alone and isolated. I sit around waiting for the few people I consider my friends to message me so that I have some sense of value. That's all I am anymore, someone to be there when it's convenient for them but then they aren't there when I need them.

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  • Karbbyxo


    Don’t wait! If they Truly were your friends they would be with you and helping you and doing things with you. Understanding depression and what it could do. I feel the same as you. Lonely, I feel alone. I cry because it helps me. I only have like 3 or four friends I don’t like a whole group. I know and hear what you are going through and it sucks and I’m so sorry. I’ll be you friend & lend an ear when needed. Don’t give up! That’s what depression wants you to do! Stay strong! Show your friends what they are missing out on!

  • kikki


    I can be your friend

  • JBug7677


    I completely understand. My only true friend anymore is my fiancé. My supposed "best friend" is always so busy with her kids and grandkids and I just feel like I'm in the way. She invited us to thanksgiving so we went, and she barely said 2 words to me and my fiancé felt very out of place. She texted me on Xmas and new year's days but it wasn't anything special. She texted me a week ago and invited us over for Easter. I just told her I'd have to see. My fiancé doesn't want to go and he doesn't want me to go and come back upset. If she can't find the time to just talk to me why should I drive 2 hours to see her?

  • CurlyZee


    You can always reach out to people on this app. I can understand when the people that are around you can't understand you and your needs. It reallyjust sucks. I can always lend an ear 🤗

  • AudaCity


    If you ever want a no pressure chat with anyone we're here! I know exactly what you're talking about with the isolation, it's the worst thing about long term illness sometimes.

  • DinDjarin


    Find a hobby group that you will have things in common with. definitely find an outdoor activity like adult kickball! You don’t have to be a pro or anything else like that! it’s called ClubWaka and they play all different types of things! it gets you outta the house, be active and make friends! trust me, this helped!

  • Baby_Cactus


    I feel the same way. I get lonely and think that my roommates often aren’t as close to me as I think we are. But this is a distortion! Who knows, maybe they’re totally unaware that you need them. Talk to them. They can’t possibly know you need them unless you’ve communicated it. And if they’re not after you’ve reached out, then move on. Easier said than done! Try meeting new people. Take a walk and talk to the people you pass by. Join a club. Go to a local event. Push out of your comfort zone and meet someone!

    • MuffinCat


      yes, communication is so important. maybe they don’t know. might as well try, you know?

  • Chxrry


    I feel this way everyday even tho I have “friends” but the energy I put into my friendships aren’t reciprocated

  • white_oleander


    My only friend is my ex right now and animals. And he gets grouchy when he talks to me. Animals just want you around for food most of the time. It's hard because I kinda want friends but people have been such a source of pain. Even people all throughout my childhood and adulthood don't even acknowledge my existence and they all acknowledge each other. I don't think I was that weird.

  • Liss414


    ✋i literally just spent the past 2 hours crying about this! My Best Friend of 30 years wont answer my calls knows i cant see well or am in pain from RA my fingers are stiff but will text did you call and thats only occasionally. She calls me when she needs money etc. but when i do get her to answer all she does is talk to her husband, so im just sitting there listening. My SIL started getting close again talking daily because she and my husbands brother are seperating and i thought this is so nice having someone to talk to and then Bam i get the text today can i borrow money? The exact reason we quit talking before! We would have to give them gas money if they came to out house, always pay for their dinner, everytme sue would come to my house sue would mope i like this or that of yours wish i could afford that so i would give her stuff clothes furniture household stuff, and then we had a vehicle for sale they begged us to sell it to them on payments, we felt bad because of the kids and agreed, one payment, and then we cant afford it, avoided us, we had even left insurance on it. So we reposes it and they get mad! So now i dont even want to get back into that. Its like i have to pay to have friends, and pay for each talk session. I guess its back to isolation for me. Im all about helping my friends, but it gets really old when everything revolves around how hard they have it, and they cant be bothered by you. The one has no kids at home to care for no car payment nor insurance, just rent and electric. Sorry for the rant, i just feel so completely lost, and lonely.

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