So I have tumors but the doctors keep fighting about what it is. I have two saying it's brain tumors, slow growing. I have one saying it's air bubbles around my blood vessels in my brain, I have another saying it's cysts in my brain so I don't have much information on what exactly I have.

Anyways, I've been having bad fainting episodes and I don't know what exactly is causing it. I had a very bad one a couple weeks ago to where my entire right side went completely numb with static in my right wrist that followed the thumbing of my headache on my right side.

I went to the ER and the doctor thought I was having seizures that acted like a stroke based on where my tumors/cysts/air/whatever was located which is on my left lobe near that memory part. basically near my left ear a bit behind it but not quite.

Has anyone dealt with any of this before? If so, what did you go through? What procedures were put upon you?



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  • Bri2B


    That sounds like a meningioma, they are benign,but can grow and cause more and more issues. My neurologist says I don't need surgery yet, but yours may be larger and could be removed surgically.

    • Tired247


      well there are 20+ of the tumors/cysts/whatever and one was 3 U.S pennies long and 2 ½ U.S pennies wide. While another was 2 U.S pennies long and ½ U.S penny wide.

      • Bri2B


        wow, have you seen a neurosurgeon?

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