what activities help you focus

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • Justin2194


    Music helps me clean video games help me cope

  • JolyneJolyne


    idk if this is what you meant but, it helps me to put a specific chapstick on and a specific gum idk it helps i swear

  • Retro_Nerd


    I like having some lofi playing in the background when I'm working on projects or hobbies. But music in general is kind of like an arcane focus (what a wizard uses to cast magic in D&D) for my thoughts.

  • Kendra363


    What really helps me is having designated areslas for different tasks. Not everything needs its own location but it helps to work and play in different locations. I work from home and I only work at my desk. My desk is used for other things (taxes, paying bills, anything that requires focus). Before I got a desk I would try to work in my living room and I could never focus. Your brain associates locations with tasks even if it's not immediately obvious

  • Soskae


    Noise. I don’t do quiet because if the outside environment doesn’t match the one in my head it drives me insane and that’s all I can focus on.

  • MattCorps


    Listening to podcasts and music. If I'm writing or typing, I never listen to podcasts because then I start writing what I hear and then I get confused.

  • Fullyonthemove


    Meditating, reading, lifting weights, high intensity cardio, puzzles

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