I'm having chronic severe headaches everyday , nothing helps and doctors around here are practically useless , one Dr gave me an infection through an IV , which didn't help . ( I'm over that one finally ) but as I write this I'm having a severe migraine yet again . they come every day and last all day into the night. what can I do to stop them ?



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  • nsiberian


    I find a combo of botox, from neurologist, dry needling and cupping from physical therapy, nurtec when I need it and occasional toridol injections from neurologist has helped me. Have you had a C.T. scan?

  • InvisibleIllness


    I would find a good neurologist and have an MRI done. I also have started Botox injections and have found Reyvow to be helpful when I get a migraine that won’t go away. I also take Topamax daily to try and prevent the migraines. Sometimes putting a ice pack on the back of my head or the base of my neck help relieve symptoms too.

  • GrandmaDawn


    I take Topamax daily and it has done wonders. One doctor said for headaches, not migraines, take ibuprofen with a caffinated drink.

  • LittleButterfly


    I'm still trying to get my Dr to order a C.T. scan to find out what's going on , the problem is that I was severely beaten when I was 26 , by a serial sex offender/ stalker , I'm now 52 and the headaches have just st gotten worse since that incident in 1996

  • fleshpit


    Imitrex is good also and urgent care or the ER can give you a shot that can stop it for a couple of days. You will need a spare driver though.

  • 55isMe


    Ive been using Imitrex for 30 years. It typically takes it away in an hour. Originally it would last about 32 hours. My migraines did not start atbpuberty as many hormonal ones, but instead with a virus infection. Probably the virus infection that started my first breast cancer. For a few months chemo also knocjed out ny migraibes, but oncologist talked me into lupron shot. That brought back daily migraines for the next year and took about 5 years to get back to 50/50. He had the gaul to say tgat the shot couldnt do that (even though it happened that sane day and contined. Anyway.30 years later, similar situation and 3x migraines a day after double mastectomy this time. My occupational therapist noticed vestibular involvement. Went to a physical therapist who specialized in that. She got me down to 1 migraine a day. Very grateful. Plus that 1 is probably about 50% intensity, allowing Imiteex to do its thing.

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