Has anyone here dealt with a narcissistic parent?

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  • iconically_ill



  • Tinna


    Yep. My mom and my sister are narcissists. It’s been two years I stopped talking to them. My life got better in many many ways.

    • Bubbles92


      It's been a year since I haven't talked to my father. I also don't know if my sister is just immature or a narcissist as well. All I know is lately she's nothing but negatively. I think I just need to cut my sister off as well. Maybe then I'll get some peace.

      • Tinna


        it took me a long time (almost ten years) to accept my sister was a narcissist. She used to be my best friend. Some people get lost in their pain, in her case, she was being emotionally abused by my mother for too long. Maybe if you talk to your sister and offer help you’ll be able to understand her better. But if she doesn’t accept help there’s nothing you can do. My sister ended up doing really crazy stuff to destroy my life, I became her target. I’m still wishing I had stopped talking to her earlier.

  • mandii


    Yes. I had to make the decision not to talk to them anymore 😪.

  • jjsunshine


    yes, but he is one of the most special people in my life. i couldn't be here without him, even if he messed up multiple times in my childhood

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