I ruined my relationship, I'm running my partner away.

he is the BEST thing that's ever happened to me, I never dreamed anyone could treat me, and love me the way he does. but I'm draining the life from him.

he's a resident at a hospital, so incredibly busy. I'm going through trying to find treatment for me MANY serious mental illnesses, and I've not been this low and depressive in years. I know I'm too much for him, but I love him so much, he has been so good for my healing. it breaks my heart to consider it, but he'd be better without me.


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  • opposum


    im so sorry to hear youre feeling this way! i can only imagine how difficult and torn you must be feeling. try to sit down with your partner and discuss. has he ever said anything or done anything to make you think this way? if not, dont decide on your relationship for him! romantic relationships arent always going to be smooth sailing. it is important to remember in times like these! i wish you all the best 💕

  • Chiara


    We've had a few talks in the realm of this before. He's known from the start that I struggle hard with mental illness, he's been SO supportive, and kind to me while we've tried to find the resources I need over the past year. I've been at my lowest in years this past week and a half, so I'm definitely catrastrophizing. I hope I can pull myself out of it soon, find the treatment I need so I'm not so draining. Thank you 💕 I forget to look at the big picture a lot, every relationship needs peaks and valleys.

  • Tuskle


    This is the worst feeling, I understand. You have to keep yourself busy while they’re not with you! Definitely get treatment started asap.

  • JennyHeart


    Unfortunately, it's not always your depressions fault. My fiance of four years was extremely agressive to me the for the first time a couple of months ago when we got into an argument. I finally figured out he was agressive because he had really had the hot feelings for a chick with a pink bible. Then he proffessed his love for religion to her in front of me at work. Let me know that he wanted to preach the gospel to others. I bet he just wanted to spread her bible. A couple of days prior to that I noticed him looking at her longingly and he said I was crazy. Blamed me for having schizophrenia then didn't touch me sexually but maybe 2 times in 3 months. Only because I ask him too. I wanted to prove to myself that he still loved me. I'm wasn't crazy, just in denial. So my crazy self ran up a 6,000 credit card bill to feel better. Still don't know what interest will cost. That was last year. I've just stopped crying today. I hope you aren't like me, with a real prick that's only in it for himself. Work on you and do the best you can. That's really all you can do.

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