it wasn't till recently I realized I have PTSD from (trigger warning for SA) childhood molestation and sexual assault through out my teen years. I have grown to hate my body from the years of being violated. I had a complete panic attack when getting a physical done at the gyno. I have yet to go see someone about my trauma but until then, I just want to know if others have had similar experiences. I also want to start liking myself again and seeing the beauty in my body. please if anyone has advice to do that or having a healthy mindset not seeing yourself as a victim please leave a reply or dm me. I don't want to feel alone.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • Nicolette


    As a SA victim, who still struggles with getting physicals done at gyno, I've always request a female care provider. I have had a panic attack during a pap smear, and I had some negative stuff with other doctors as well. Something small that has helped me, is that while I did experience horrible things, that thinking of myself as a warrior surviving battles helps

  • Lucas.exe


    First of all you aren't alone. I dont like being touched in general and have a hard time sitting in the front seat of a car when someone is driving me somewhere. For about 4 years I've felt nothing but being trapped so anytime anyone touches me I'm back in the mind set of I cant escape which often leads to panic attacks. I've only been sexually touched once and grabbed a couple times tho. A lot of my SA has been verbal and visual which isnt as sever as physical. You are totally valid in your feelings and I pray for your recovery cause you deserve it

  • NonbinarySlytherin


    In the same boat. I have autism as well so touch is hard no matter what. Time helped me. Having someone believe me was the first step I needed. It has been 12years since it happened and in 2019 I found the first adultier adult who believed me. She listened. She cared. She diagnosed me. I try to fill my life up to forget what he did to me. The more I told the less I blamed myself and the more I blamed the adults who should've stepped in. I find crafting, art, writing to be the best coping skills. They can hold many stories and if I want someone to know then I can tell them. Otherwise, no one has to. Make sure you let yourself be. Patience is easy with others but hard for yourself.

  • Creator


    I just want you to know you're not alone. I was also was forced to have sex in my childhood (when I was around 6). I don't know how to help about the body image, however I will say this: Don't think of yourself as a victim, think of yourself as a survivor. It helps make you a little more confident.

  • Atusin


    you're not alone. I have been in the same boat, except I haven't had any gyno appointments before. I have gone to therapy, and talking about the SA is very cathartic, in my experience

  • SalineTurnip


    I like to remind myself that the abuse was not my fault - it was the fault of the people who abused me. I'm going to take better care of myself than they did. I'm going to love myself like they didn't.

  • Calypso_


    You are a survivor you are not alone you are valuable you are beyond loved I send love to you healing happiness. You deserve to feel safe in your body your body is yours is does not belong to anyone else. I have also been sexually abused and assaulted so restoring my body to myself has been a process. Every cell in your body deserves love you are deserving of it.

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