Hey, my nickname is Kay. 😊
I was wanting to know ways that other people with Anxiety Disorder and Major Depressive Disorder deal with stress when it starts to intrude a lot on every day life. Like stressing out on things that you know is nothing to stress about, but you don't know why you're still stressed over it.

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  • Melon92


    I can definitely relate to being aware of how ridiculous certain anxiety is and stressing anyway. Something that works very well for me is channeling it into physical exertion. I started going for a long walk or a jog as soon as I feel the anxiety creeping in. Before long I'm too focused on how out of shape I've gotten over the past few years that I've forgotten about what was stressing me out. Over the past few months I've turned it into something a lot bigger than stress management, I'm getting back in shape, it adds something to my daily schedule, gives me some structure, and above all a hobby and a distraction Obviously exercise may not work for everyone, but the distraction is what matters. Find something you enjoy and set aside time for it when you feel yourself spiralling. You feeling better is extremely important and absolutely warrants it's own time slot in your day. When you take that time just remind yourself that it's the only thing that's allowed to matter during that time and really get into it. That was a bit more than I intend to type, sorry for the novel 👀

    • Kay2002


      Lol it's okay! And that's actually a really good idea, I've honestly forgot all about the time when I used to exercise often. Thanks for the advice

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