I might switch to lithium instead of concerta. Has anyone done this before? I am considering this option because I still have intrusive thoughts bothering me and my Dr wants me to switch to avoid possible mania as the cause.



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  • Jay_Jay


    I’ve been on lithium for 10 years and I really like it! You just have to drink a ton of water with it as it dehydrates you. Once your levels are all set it’s great! The only problem I had with it BRIEFLY gave me a little acne but that went away quickly!

  • AngelixBeats


    I’ve been taking it and it’s one of the few medications I’ve taken without side effects!

  • mynewfriend


    I don't know about replacing concerts with Lithium (isn't concerta for ADHD?) But my experience with Lithium has been mostly positive, as long as a doctor was monitoring the lithium blood levels and kidney function. It can have a lot of side effects at first (tremors and tingling limbs for example) but I'm really prone to side effects. Most wear off, and the headaches and dry mouth were the longest lasting. Hydrating a lot helped both. I did have acne and minor hair thinning but both were temporary. Just know that some people have a harder time and it can cause an emotional 'flat effect'. For me, it was worth it. I've been on lithium about 10 years.

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