I'm switching from Trintellix to Sertraline today. Is there anything I should expect or be prepared for (good or bad)?




Nausea and Vomiting

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  • Angie


    Hey Kitty, good luck! I would be attentive to any GI symptoms such as nausea and diarrhea. Also, some prefer to take it before going to bed but for others it could interfere with sleep.. I guess you have to try and find out:)

  • foggymind6


    so ive been taking sertraline for a couple months now. i like it but i’m starting to hate it. but i recommend it for short term use

  • izaroo12


    sertraline 75mg here, i’ve been taking it for i think 6 months now? something like that. works super for my depression! but not so much for my anxiety :/ my eyes can be dilated sometimes, but that’s the only side effect i’ve had

  • catbvnny


    start low if you can, it tends to make people nauseous. for me, it made my headaches more sensory-sensitive and increased my nausea. that's the only bad thing i can say about it. it works pretty well for my depression

  • embracingmyself


    Hi! Some people experience sleepiness and take the medicine regularly at night. I take it first thing when I wake up, but I’ve been doing so for yours. Find what works for you or if your doc has a recommendation. Best to you! 💕

  • Kix


    I have been on and off of sertraline for years and I’ve never had any negative reactions unless I don’t slowly increase or decrease my dose.

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