hello all, I am new, and wondering if anyone has ever looked into the overall body pain and cramping from complex ptsd correlation. I have been miserable and very much unable to function for the last three year and the drs and specialists don't help they just throw meds at me, but really would like to find the correlation and diagnosis!! Help please

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  • wabi_sabi_vida


    I am very interested in the connection. I definitely think my complex ptsd has the potential to spiral my physical symptoms or make physical ailments that would be no bid deal for most people a lot worse for me. And for tangible, logical reasons such as poor sleep creating a barrier for adequate nervous system resets and healing. Increased muscle tension from anxiety exacerbating injuries. Poor attention/avoidance causing lack of self care such as water consumption, eating healthy, procrastination, clumsiness, etc. It does not explain everything but I do think there is something to it.

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