I've been depressed for many years. I take medication but I feel most of my problems are because I'm lonely. I'm single, have Type 2 diabetes and I've lost both of my legs above the knee. Does anyone have any suggestions for what I can do to make myself feel better?


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  • sanrioluver


    sitting in the sunshine even for five minutes gives me a little serotonin. although it is hard for me to go outside at times, so i’ll just open a window instead. i don’t have much advice on meeting people because i don’t really have any friends, but i’d say the fact that you’re even on here telling your symptoms is a start.

  • Hannah_6


    I pet kitties 😻 and I count them. I'm on Zoloft if you want to talk about questions.

  • debra67


    Hi HippieGal68 I haven't any luck with dating websites and I'm older than you. Concentrate on you right now. Do things that bring you joy. Try to find a group you can join, look for common interests. You are my top person with 68% alike. You can talk to me anytime.

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