So a couple nights ago, I decided to cut ties with someone. It was a very hard thing to do because I still love that person romantically but they just disconnected from me and just friendzoned me and just stopped talking to me. They also were acting fairly strange as in, not being themselves and just being passive-aggresive. I have a really heavy heart right now... it sucks so much but I know it was the right call for right now because I couldn't go back and forth all the time for the sake of myself and mental health. I just feel lonely, empty, and tired... yet relieved. Not too sure what to do right now without that person..


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  • Kelean


    I went through a breakup recently too- but i didn't have the emotional strength to end it as well as you did. Good job realizing that you deserve better. Heartbreak is an awful thing and it truly does get better with time, i hope things get better for you.

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