Anyone with hypermobility and severe pain actually have relief from opiates? Also, what walking aids do you suggest for work (if you can still work, I'm trying to work at least till I'm 30)

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)


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  • AuroraMN


    I pushed working to 35. Didn't "qualify" for disability until 40, and then it was because my Dr got so frustrated he ordered ALL my medical records from BIRTH sent-and I didn't get an official diagnosis until 5yrs ago at 50. I use a cane, on really bad days a walker (I have the fancy one with the seat and a handbrake lol, but I've been looking at the one where you can stand up with it but it's expensive and insurance doesnt always cover). I'm on 15mg of extended relief morphine 2x a day and I use a cbd vape pen (I use Koi 1000mg vaping liquid, no thc so no "high"). My pain on average is a 8-9, but I do have days of 10 and above. I just pop Tylenol, I have gloves for my hands, and I color, crochet, sew, use a tens unit, meditate, and just try to take my mind off pain. I live in MN and the weather isn't helping lol. How are you doing???

    • anxious.queer.zebra


      I'm doing better thanks for asking! And yes! Weather affects so many things. I think I'm starting to realize I know all the supportive aids I could have, would really help me. It's just hard to afford everything I need ya know

  • anxious.queer.zebra


    How are you doing? Seems like the kind of help I may need from my Dr's. But we're slowly getting there lol. I do use thc tho, with cbd. It's just the most helpful with the resources I already have 😅👍

    • AuroraMN


      I have started with a new pain clinic, she is having me meet with the medicinal Marijuana drs LOL I have tried an edible with thc to help me sleep once, and my stupid dog got my last 1, called the vet who said to watch her since it wasn't a huge amount but now when I vape the dummy sits and waits for me to exhale then looks at me disappointed. My hubby just laughs at her....then gives her small bites of brownies (we think she's part goat, she doesn't get sick she's lab/border collie/husky mix) and tells her they are "special brownies" and she's going to get sleepy -and she does!!! Cracks me up!!! Wish it worked for me LOL!!!!

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