Hi! I'm looking for advice on getting a formal autism diagnosis. I've been self diagnosed for about a year and after a ton of research and consideration I'm ready for that formal diagnosis. I'm honestly really afraid though and I have no idea where to start. I live in the state of Iowa btw.

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  • sleepyk12


    I'm also in Iowa and self-diagnosed. I'm also trans tho, and I've heard an autism diagnosis can get in the way of gender-affirming care.... I can't help with any info, but I can relate with being self-diagnosed and not really sure how to approach it clinically.

    • SpookyKitty


      I'm so sorry that our system is so disgusting, you deserve care. I fear how getting my diagnosis will affect my future within the system as well. Yes it's a disability, but it varies so much from person to person! I want my diagnosis so hopefully I can get better medical care but that isn't a given either. Especially in our conservative state.

      • sleepyk12


        Yeah, I've heard mixed reviews about an autism diagnosis helping or hurting with medical care. It sucks that we have to deal with possible discrimination if we pursue a diagnosis. I really hope you get things figured out!

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