the systems body is 13, 5'2 about 180 pounds and afab(a female at birth) but a lot of us are confused and well- insecure to put it simply about whether that's overweight or not

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  • Tobiias


    Objectively, yes it is overweight. I was similar at that age too and it can be hard. But there's other things to remember as well, like for example muscle and water weight. I recommend a healthy and not extreme food plan. But not to get into diet culture- it's extremely toxic and will in the end be detrimental. And healthy activity like walks, jogging, etc. But don't ever place your mental health on your weight either. You're young, and over time as long as you treat your body with love and respect, and try to balance healthy meals with yummy snacks, it'll balance out. Please always take care of yourself!

  • stormysundays


    i don't believe it's entirely relevant as to if you're considered overweight or not. not in the sense that taking care of yourself isn't important but in the way that your weight doesn't connect to your worth as a person (assuming that this is what brought up the concern of weight lol). if you're concerned about your diet i'd see a doctor if you have access to one, losing weight is a very difficult process and since you're so young i don't think it would be very healthy to keep these worries to yourself.

  • juicemachine


    you can google those numbers together

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