Has anyone here had the DEPO provera shot? if so, what kind of side effects have you experienced?


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  • BlueLily


    ✋ I have. I'm going on month 5 now. It's honestly helped where the pills didn't. But it takes a few months to help. I think it was month 4 before it started to help my cramps. But it's stopped by period completely. I havent noticed side effects but it's different for each person

  • KitKat1450


    I’ve been on and off it (mostly on it tho) for over the last 10 years. It’s really helped endometriosis and not passing out when I’m on my period. No actual side effects from it specifically that I’ve noticed. I did a bone density scan last year and it was normal so it hasn’t lead to issues with that yet. I have horrible side effects on pill. No weight gain or loss. It usually takes me a couple months to stop getting my period once I’ve restarted it. I’ve had a few issues but now I know for me overall it helps and the issues I do have are much worse off of it.

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