This app doesn't have Periventricular brain lesions as a selection; but migraines are associated with them so my question is; if you have the lesions, have you noticed feeling slower at learning or extremely forgetful? Or just confused at random times?


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  • Cindy33


    I was never diagnosed with brain lesions because no one suggested I do a brain scan, I just got diagnosed with Migraine because of my clinical symptoms. Did you do it to find the cause for you migraines?

  • Kiiroitori


    We did it to determine if I was just experiencing migraines or if I had MS. And while I have all the criteria for MS they still went with a dx of fibromyalgia and migraine. If they didn't do a scan for you I would request one just to have a baseline of what your "normal" is. Migraine can cause lesions just not periventricular. The migraine lesions are on the outer side of the brain from cleveland clinic's data on it.

  • Emma37


    I have lesions, I have MS in addition to migraines. Now I feel balanced because of my medical treatment for MS. But when it first began I felt severe headaches, nausea occasionally and severe lack of concentration, I wasn't able to work and even to remember what I was going to buy in the supermarket.

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