I hate my ADHD "low" days. Just lazy and unproductive... I try to make a list of things to do and it just never happens.

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • Kass12


    Do you have a hobby? I paint on my low days. At my computer with my tiny easel. :) it gives me something small to do but not too hard? I made a list yesterday and I did 4 of the 10 things I wanted to do and I was still proud. Its ok to feel like that, unproductive, start small and maybe those lazy days will turn over

  • Vengnc3


    I was doing graphic design but I was in a car accident and only recently returned to work and can't afford the program right now. Basically all of my hobbies right now are on pause 😵‍💫

  • aries02


    I think a lot of us struggle w this. Our culture makes us think that we have to be productive every day or else we’ll ruin everything we’ve worked for. But honestly that’s not the case. One day will not set you back. Don’t be to hard on yourself 💕

  • Leigh_YourMom


    I get it, some days I don't feel like doing anything and it's very hard to get things done.

  • Lady6ug


    Me too. I've been home for two weeks and my suitcase is still open on the ground.

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