I feel like a mental health hypochondriac, but I still feel like something is missing. Somethings not clicking. I want to better myself as a person but I can't do that if I don't know what's causing it. I can't tell if I have paranoia, or if I have borderline personality disorder, or if my ADHD and anxiety are ganging up on me and making it seem that bad. I feel crazy trying to figure out what's wrong. I feel like I'm running around in circles.

Attention-Deficit Disorder

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • pandasss


    My best advice is to see a psychiatrist and they can usually diagnose you within one session which will hopefully bring you some clarity, if you are struggling with it still then they can put you on meds to help and my dms are always open 💕

  • healthissues


    Look into OCD. Much love!!! 💕

  • IndyMonkee13647


    I do the same thing all the time. I am very paranoid about what mental illnesses I may have because of my family line of mental health and I haven’t been able to see therapist after some major trauma in my life. My best thing is to try and avoid the rabbit hole all together. I tell myself that I need to wait for a therapist before I try assuming I have all these mental health issues as they are very very complicated. It’s crazy how things go into each other or how alike symptoms can be for multiple diagnoses. Best to stop those google searches and long sleepless nights in worry and get therapy if you can afford it. If not, just work towards it and then share your concerns with a professional. A professional will be able to tell you what you are dealing with and maybe elevate your mind.

  • Layley


    Me too. Word for word, and I’ve gotten so bad that I’ve seen multiple doctors in short periods of time bc I don’t think they get me and are just prescribing me the most simple solution.

  • Kelbel


    I agree with pandass!! My psychiatrist had never diagnosed and on medication my first visit and mu life has changed my daughter is a behavioral therapist and when i told her about my appt she said mom "i already knew all this" like wth why would you tell me this. She said because I can't diagnose family it is against the law.

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