hey yall, do your brains ever try to convince you you're making it all up? let me explain.

I went to my first pride yesterday and had a blast! I started feeling less than great from the heat and standing so I came home early, and now today my body is giving me absolute hell. like an all day long flare. however my brain is mean and full of mental illness and trying to tell me I'm just making it up for attention, just a wimp, etc etc. anyone else go through this? how do you cope with it? tia ❤️

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Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

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  • noel


    I am going through this and it seems to come from PTSD at least for me and have been looking up skills to help with trauma triggers and working hard on just identifying trauma triggers

  • MJ17


    I get that a lot. Even though I’ve had 5 surgeries, countless pt sessions, and seen dozens of specialists who can tell from tests that it’s all real. I think it’s partly from the struggle to get diagnosed with rare issues, and also from my unsupportive mom.



    I go through something similar everyday because even though I have EDS I still work(don't really have a choice not to). But my brain is constantly telling me I'm not disabled enough for what I'm going through.

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