Hi... new to this...just wondering if anyone has issues with anxiety/depression and if it triggers their IBS

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  • Guillermo


    Oh yeah. All the time. Here’s what I do: I obviously make sure I don’t eat something toooooo heavy when I’m going to something social etc etc right? Something that triggers my anxiety or ptsd. When the event comes up and you get that feeling and you’re like “oh mannnnnnn no no I gotta use the bathroom here it comes oh no”, get a glass of water, go to the bathroom do what you need to do as it’s TOTALLY NORMAL!!! I’ve spoken to my psychiatrist about this. Totally normal, anxiety triggers a few more things than just your bowel for some haha. Breathe drink your water and you will be fine. Remember these lines: Live in the NOW. Hope this helps in a eay

  • Keina


    Yes! Anxiety especially when I'm having an episode or consistent panic attacks i think with all of the adrenaline and contracting happening in my stomach it causes me to get very sick. Sometimes for hours of just in the moment. I used to have to skip classes in high school because I was getting sick so often.

  • forbiddenpoet


    Yes absolutely. Recently i had a very positive event happen, that required me to perform in front of other people (actor, not p0rn) and dude. ALL DAY i was in the bathroom. The only way i found to get through it (which i do not reccomend, this is extremely unhealthy do not do this) was to not eat for the entire 3 day span of the event. Because everything i ate would cause my issues due to how nervous i was.

    • Natron01


      I too have found myself doing that. I know it's not the best but for me the results are almost all crippling pain.

  • mobychick



  • Water_Melon


    Oh absolutely. When i’m anxious I also need to poop like every two seconds.

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