Anyone else feel embarrassed to have arthritis? I have it specifically in my knees as it was passed down to me from my mom. I feel embarrassed to bring my cane places despite me needing it. I remember one time at school I brought it and a group of people said "I really hate when people fake being hurt." and that really sucked because I was hurt, I was in pain but nobody cared when I spoke up about how I couldn't do certain activities without crying in pain. I can't even pursue my want to be a avian veterinarian because of the extended time spent standing.

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  • Peridot


    Ah, I get this! They found my arthritis in a blood test when i was in kindergarten, and it has only gotten worse since then. I feel awkward being young and having it. I was thinking of investing in a wheelchair, but I’m so nervous! I think we shouldn’t be afraid to use the tools that help us, in the same way that people aren’t repulsed by a cast, brace, or glasses.

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