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  • Potato_Time


    For endometriosis I found that Orilissa helped the most. I had bone loss on it, though, so I can’t take it anymore. Besides that, my doctor recommended a specific birth control pill where I don’t have periods has helped me too. Good luck, I hope you’re able to find some options that work for you and help ease this pain

  • Mrs.Rainbow6


    I just want to say that I took Orilissa for maybe a month and a half to 2 months and a year later, still having issues with my joints and bones. I stopped because it made me feel worse so definitely pay attention to your body if you take it

  • MsBleu


    I am prescribed Percocet and 800 ibuprofen. But I recently started eating Anti-inflammatory and water to my diet and eliminating processed sugar and caffeine during my Luteal phase. This has allowed my bowels to move more freely and my cramps have calmed down some. I also drink kombucha

  • vanouri


    Heating pad and prescription pain meds. Also having excision surgery usually helps for awhile depending on your body and how good the surgeon is.

  • Lizherrera_22


    Thank you everyone for your recommendations

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