cw venting maybe, spiraling, drug/alcohol use, homelessness

does anyone else remember moments where they were absolutely spiraling mentally? I had a downward spiral starting this year in March and I went to the mental hospital for it in April. I was living with my mother at the time and she absolutely couldn't handle it anymore. she threw me out while I was still in the hospital, costing me all of my belongings, and I want to be angry about it but I still feel guilty. Everyday I would come home high or drunk and I would go on multiple dates a week with people I didn't even know. I wouldn't even shower beforehand.
please tell me someone experienced something like this before

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • Anutis


    Do not feel guilty for having any sort of condition because it's not like you chose it like a new coat to wear. As humans we go through failures to succeed that's a way we can learn. Please don't beat yourself up for being human and experiencing life. Yes I understand you can't take it back but you can move forward and grow. I went through something like this. When I turned 18 I wanted to get the he'll out of the household I was abused in for many years. So without planning I packed everything and moved to NY on impulse. I was using my abusive boyfriend to get there so I could have a place place stay until I got on my feet. That lasted 3 weeks and it was not a good experience. All of my important belongings where stolen and I haven't even them sense. While I was there I was high so much that reality was lost. And I didn't stay in contact with anyone.

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