ive been suffering with nonstop chronic migraines since i was 11, its never ending, and i dont remember how it feels to not be in pain anymore. its every day, every second, just varying in intensity from disabiling, to moderate. We've tried everuthing. i feel so hopeless, like no one can help me anymore

Chronic Generalized pain

Chronic Migraine


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  • Buggabugga


    Hi, I was going thru the same things as you. I talked with my primary care physician and she sent me to have an MRI done and come to find out I have a brain malformation which causes mine to an extent.

    • Bazzypeachi


      i already got an mri, and it came back that my brain was completely normal

      • Buggabugga


        that’s interesting. Some people just have chronic migraines but it can also be led on by unknown issues too

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