Does anybody else get made fun of when people know about your phobia? I get made fun of for my arachnophobia by my family and some friends, cause the smallest spider will either make me throw a chair or freeze in place, and they either laugh or get very irritated. It is very upsetting...



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  • Idrk


    Honestly I used as well before they left they tease me about my fear of spiders and thankfully I gotten to the point where depending on size I am willing to dispose of them via shoe and not as scared of the small ones I’ve been doing exposure therapy and not like letting on me but just viewing them from a safe distance. It could help you so you can get to the same-ish point but personally if I find one burning the house down is always good option. (Sorry if that little joke counts as teasing was meant to lighten the mood and was semi serious)

  • frogs


    I have emitophobia (fear of throwing up) and I completely understand being made fun of for a phobia. It sucks.

    • Cheeese


      i have emetophobia aswell :0

  • ix


    Been there. I have a phobia of blood and as soon as I mention it I'm teased for it.

  • vibrant


    It happens all the time and I'm like it's really not funny

  • canadaisntreal


    SAME. i have arachnophobia too, as well as entomophobia. people usually either get annoyed at me and don’t take it seriously or sometimes think it’s funny and don’t take it seriously. it’s awful.

    • Cheeese


      i have emetophobia aswell! People can be so mean. I hate lunchrooms because of it.

  • Cheeese


    I have emetophobia and people used to try to scare me by making gagging noises and i was very very scared people are very rude :(

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